In Building Coverage Enhancement Solutions
BTS & MW Installation & Integration
RF Planning & Optimizing
Maar Telecom is a leading service provider in the Indian Telecom landscape.

Maar Telecom offers focused services to India's rapidly growing Mobile Communications market (GSM/GPRS/EDGE, CDMA, UMTS/WCDMA, Wi‐Max, LTE, etc) We are rendering our services to Industry since more than a decade However the idea of inception of Maar Telecom arouse to get the customer's royalty through best after sales services , by the dedicated entity fully involved in the services only.

We have strong well equipped in-house team of 70 Engineers and 120 Technicians spread all over India to provide high quality services to our customers. We extensive in various types of BTS installation.

The Mobile Networks Segments addressed by Maar Telecom are:

System Integration Services

Maar Telecom has a strong team of Engineers and Technicians spread all over India providing System Integration Services to the Mobile Operators in India. The team is currently involved in implementing In‐building Coverage Solutions and undertakes following activities:

Site Survey and Link Budgeting

End‐to‐end Installation Work (including Civil Works, if required)

Final Testing and Commissioning

NMS setup and configuration

Field Engineers also provide Level 1 support in case of equipment failures. The SI services are backed by:
1) Help Desk Service – this service enables our customer to lodge a complaint and track the same until successful resolution and closure.
2) Repair Centre – repair on faulty equipment from sites is undertaken

RF Planning and Optimizing Services

Competition to offer feature rich Wireless Services among MSOs being fierce, each MSO in order to extend and retain its customer base, is faced with the challenge of making available the rapidly growing Wireless Services on their mobile networks. MSOs can meet the challenge and keep up customer expectations by running planned and optimized networks. As a leading Network Planning and Optimization Company, Maar Telecom offers multi‐vendor RAN optimization and analysis solutions from leading providers to its MSO and SI customer base, making available the much needed value and quality in Wireless Services to them.

Our dedicated, capable and proficient engineers ensure that all the projects are driven by challenging performance benchmarks and our final deliverables result in quantifiable improvement in the network quality and performance.

Our deliverables speak for themselves and have been "louder than words". Numerous positive customer references and feedbacks are a testimony to our unflinching commitment to total customer satisfaction.

Our Solutions
Inbuilding Coverage Enhancement Solutions:

In‐building Coverage is one of the biggest challenges of Mobile Operators. Most of the subscribers stay indoors and usually network signal strength inside building is low, generating bad user experience. The challenge grows bigger as the Operator Frequency goes higher – from 900 MHz to 1800 MHz or 2100 MHz, etc. Maar Telecom is specialized in providing end‐to‐end solution for In building Coverage enhancement to Mobile Operators. Few of our solutions are: Active DAS, Passive DAS, Hybrid DAS, Small Cell, Wi-Fi


Maar Telecom offers Repeaters (or Signal Boosters) to boost Mobile Operator Signal inside of building. The Type and Output Power of Repeater differs on few parameters such as:

‐ The size of building that needs to be illuminated by Mobile Operator Signal. This will define if the Repeater Output Power need be 10 dBm or 43 dBm or somewhere in between (19 dBm/ 33 dBm / 37 dBm / 40 dBm).

‐ The nearest point from where Mobile Operator Signal can be picked up for providing coverage in designated area. This will define if the Repeater required is RF Repeater, Optical Repeater, MW Repeater, F1/F2 Repeater, etc.

RF Planning and Optimization:

Today, Mobile Operators have manifold challenges on their networks, the most challenging being to deliver more traffic (Value Added Services) in limited bandwidth without compromising on quality. To achieve this and the hard to achieve KPI Targets, sophisticated planning and optimization tools and RF Planning Experts with expertise on planning tools being the need of the hour. Maar Telecom with the state‐of‐art Tools from its partners, Schema and Mentum, and a strong team of RF Planning Engineers is suitably equipped to deliver expected results and help Operators meet the challenges.

The services offered by Maar Telecom are:
‐ Network Planning (design, optimization, performance)
‐ Network Support Services (e.g. benchmarking, drive tests, site audits, RFI, model calibration)
‐ Technical Training
‐ In‐building Design and Implementation
‐ Site Physical Design & Layout
‐ Wireless Engineering
‐ Market & Technology Assessment

BTS & MW Installation and Integration:

Maar Telecom is equipped with a team of engineers who are expertise and certified for BTS & Microwave installation. Maar Telecom takes care of the complete installation cycle starting from RFI Survey, installation, Swaps, Upgrades, De-Installation, BTS Indoor to Outdoor Installations OR MW installation and commissioning. Post Installation Link Alignment is done by our expert team along with E1 Testing. Our engineers /technicians also do the Traffic Shifting and get that optimized. Post installation and commissioning final acceptance from client is taken.

Lampsite Services:

Maar Telecom also offer Lampsite service. Survey is required before installation, it is done by our expert team .Post site survey Installation of pRRU, rHUB and BBU is done & these are connected through the RF/OFC/UTP cabling. Our team visits the site for Drive Test / Walk Test to cross check the output & generate the testing report .Get the acceptance from client on testing report.